Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Norwich - November 2012

We were spending a couple of days in Norwich, so I did my usual google search to see what eating options there were.

Loving Hut was the first place that I found, and the menu looked delicious, so on Saturday, off we set to look for it.

Unfortunately, it looks like their refurbishment has over run, as the restaurant was all locked up :-(

So, as time was now running short, we reverted to that failsafe standby, a cheeseless veggie pizza! Pizza Hut list their Pan Pizza bases as vegan friendly, so a veggie hot one, without cheese, and with extra olives, satisfied those rumbling tums!

Sunday, it was back to google for another look.....

What a find!  This really is a lovely restaurant. There menu is clearly labelled so you can see which items are vegan or vegan adaptable. They also cater for gluten free diets.

I had the goan curry with sweet potatoes and lentils, on a bed of Basmati rice. Very very tasty, and very filling. The vegan chocolate fudge brownies went down very well with my sweet toothed boyfriend!

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